Update from The Chair

A big thank you to all those that attended the first AGM by ZOOM recently – 21 people attend and that was fantastic.

The Constitution was ratified and the Vinall Park Friends Group formally formed – thank to all involved on this adventure.

To confirm our Committee voted in last night is:
Chair – Simon
Vice Chair – Kevin
Secretary – Clair
Treasurer – Deb
Events – Chelsey
Web/IT – Chris

The next General Meeting for members to attend is Wednesday 9th September at 7pm and hopefully that will be a meeting where we can all be together at a nearby venue. There will be 4 General Meetings per year.

In the next few weeks the Committee will be discussing getting a new group Bank account, Membership, Fundraising, a safe Summer event on the park and much more.

Please send your ideas for consideration.

AGM information

Friends of Vinall Park AGM – Wed 10 June at 7pm

Following discussion with Medway Council, we are pleased to give notice of the group’s first AGM (Annual General Meeting) to take place on Wednesday 10 June at 7pm – this will be a ZOOM conference call. The agenda will cover: aims/objectives and setup/membership of the Friends Group; a vote to agree the new Constitution; and, a vote to install group Officers that will take responsibility for this really important first year of existence – exciting times!

To be involved please email us to register to be part of the ZOOM meeting – only those who have contacted us and given their full contact details (name, address, phone, email address) will be invited to attend the ZOOM call. Also please contact us if you would like to be an Officer of the Group for the first year. If anyone would like to be included but is not on ZOOM please email us and we will discuss how you can still be part of the meeting.

Email us at: info@vinallpark.org                                                                                                     

Facebook at Vinalls Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1035287536613413/